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    Aplicatia este creata pentru a servi la examenul de atestare a competentelor profesionale la limba engleza si a fost realizata in powerpoint. In plus atestatul este insotit de documentatie in word.
    Proiectul face o prezentare a reginei Elisabeta I a Marii Britanii.
    Contine: 12 pagini powerpoint si 21 pagini in word.

    Extras din proiect:

    The first Queen Elizabeth, whose name has become a synonym for the era which she dominated (1558-1603), was born in 1533 to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Called "Gloriana" by Edmund Spenser in "The Faerie Queene", Elizabeth's deft political skills and strong personal character were directly responsible for putting England (at the time of her accession in 1558 a weak, divided backwater far outside the mainstream of European power and cultural development) on the road to becoming a true world economic and political power and restoring the country's lost sense of national pride. Although she entertained many marriage proposals and flirted incessantly (her closest brush with marriage came with Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester), she never married nor had children,etc...

    Proiectul este insotit si de documentatie in microsoft word !!